Managing and securing the massive proliferation of cloud identities and privileges for both app developers and their users has been challenging.

It is not feasible over the long term to continue managing identities in password-protected Excel spreadsheets, which is a common practice with many SecOps and DevOps teams. Rather, ensuring the security of privileged access in a complex multi-cloud environment will require both a new mindset and new security tools.

In this guide, you’ll get insight into:

  • How Just-In-Time Privilege reduces an organization’s attack surface

  • Why assigning privileges based on policy is critical

  • How moving to zero standing privileges reverses the dangerous trends of the last decade of cloud privilege user administration

  • Why integrating single sign-on and multi-factor authentication into an existing IAM infrastructure prevents user credential proliferation

  • Ways to extend identity and governance administration

  • How to feed UEBA/SIEM with privileged and cloud activity

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By Britive Cloud Threat Labs