Just-in-Time Permissioning for Snowflake


Secure Cloud Identities & Privileges in Snowflake.

Britive integrates with Snowflake to provide JIT temporary access to Snowflake Roles.

Mitigate risks to sensitive data in Snowflake by granting and revoking privileges as needed. Human and synthetic user requests are approved or denied based on policy. 

JIT permissions expire in the minimum amount of time required to accomplish their tasks or users can manually end them sooner. Programmatic JIT access ensures data scientists and DevOps teams have the access they need. When static access is removed, the risk associated with a data lake breach is significantly reduced. 


Download the JIT for Snowflake Guide

It’s very difficult to implement effective access controls for human and synthetic identities without insight into privileged entitlements and how they are used.


Improving Visibility & Enforcement

Human and synthetic identities work around the clock,  and privileged access is often needed to complete important tasks. 

As you scal, identities and privileges can get out of control. It’s difficult to know who has access to what and how access is used. 

Unchecked access leads to high-risk privileges and standing permissions: serious security risks that increase your attack surface and impede business objectives.

Britive solves the problem with powerful visibility and dynamic enforcement.




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Download the JIT for Snowflake Guide

If you use more than one cloud, gaining a unified view into what’s happening across different clouds is a major challenge.

Britive provides unmatched identity and privilege visibility from a single pane of glass.

Just-in-Time Permissioning

Visibility is important. But what good is it without enforcement?

Just-in-Time (JIT) permissioning lets you apply the information you gain through improved visibility and implement advanced access control.

Permissions are granted and revoked automatically. Dictated by security policy, JIT permissions are temporary and ethereal. No more high-risk privileges. No more standing permissions.