Moving to a multi-cloud environment has enormous advantages ...  

Privileged account and secrets management isn’t one of them. 

Organizations rely on multiple SaaS and cloud services to work more efficiently, develop cloud apps faster, and deliver exceptional results on time. Collaboration is simplified. Process is streamlined. Output is optimized. What’s not to love? 

For starters: Standing elevated privileges. Onboarding and offboarding challenges. Embedded secrets. Over-privileged accounts. Cross-cloud user management. Obfuscated analytics. Just to name a few. 

The Britive platform solves these problems and more.  

Request a FREE Shadow Identity and Privilege Assessment today and uncover the identity-based threats with the highest chance of inflicting financial, reputation, and compliance related damage on your business.  

Let us connect our security API to your favorite operation critical cloud service (it only takes 15 minutes) and you will receive a custom report on your cloud privilege vulnerabilities in a few days, along with recommendations for remediation. 

Do not let over-privileged accounts put your multi-cloud environment at risk. 

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